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For those of you who know us, welcome to what you know has been our dream for a while. For those new to us, WELCOME!  Dan, Lee, and myself all come from a different racing background. Dan grew up racing karts and took the step to Spec Miata about 3 years ago. Lee started his racing career at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet IL driving a ASA Stock Car and turning right…loser….didn’t get the memo. I am the new guy in the group. My first experience on a race track was in a Spec Miata and I fell in love as you could imagine. Dan and myself are old friends from high school and he was the one who got me into the sport. We met Lee at an event at an indoor karting track in the Chicagoland area and decided to come together as a team. Since then, we all have new cars. Well….new in a sense. They are from ’99 but in SM that’s the car to have. We have become friends with a lot of amazing people in the sport who have helped us a lot and become great partners, such as Black Armor Helmets (which we all wear and will be sold here), X-factor Racing whose motors power Dan and Lee’s car, Golden Graphics and Signs, who has provided all of us with our very loud color schemes, and Red Mist Automotive Inc. who built the cage and motor in my car. I’m sure I forgot some people but we would like to thank everyone for supporting us so far. We cannot possibly explain how grateful we are for the support along the way and we cant wait to show everyone what we can do this season. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming projects, race weekends, and overall tomfoolery on our end here. Also, take a look at our shopping page and let us know if you need anything. Shiny side up, my friends!


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